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Première Impression UK provides professional on and off line training for people who want the best possible learning experience, with a wide range of programmes covering core image skills, advanced skills and marketing / business building modules. Whether you want to operate as an image consultant, develop a new career, or want to use the skills within your existing role, you’ll find a wide choice of options to fit your needs.

The Federation of Image Professionals

Première Impression UK is regularly audited by the International Federation of Image Consultants and has been a Audited Training Provider (ATP) continually since the scheme’s inception in 1998. This is a status conferred on organisations that comply with FIPI’s stringent requirements.

Choosing to train with an Audited Training Provider means you’re already a step ahead ! You’ll be able to join FIPI as a Registered Affiliate, one step up from Affiliate, as you have elected to train with an audited and recognised provider. This recognises that, through Première Impression UK, you have received the highest quality image skills training available in the UK.

Meet your trainers

Myriam Hoffmann

Myriam has been the Managing Director of Première Impression UK Ltd since September 2021; she took over following a period of 11 years of ownership by Julia and Paul Campion who themselves took over from the founding owners Judith and Patrick Halpin whom she originally trained with.

Since its creation, Première Impression has enjoyed constant and rapid growth to become today a highly specialised consultancy and training centre which helps private individuals, people in business and the profession to polish their communication and presentation skills. As a result, for more than thirty years, Myriam has been coaching many chief executives, company directors and royal members to communicate more effectively. Recent assignments include working with organisations as varied as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Groupe H architects, Geneva Hospital, L’Oréal, DBM, most private Swiss banks or private colleges. She has also been consulting for some major international make-up and perfume companies.

Myriam conveys a vast amount of energy, enthusiasm and understanding of human asset development. Her open style quickly enables her to build rapport and she has particular skills in facilitating practical solutions and helping people to find ways of enhancing performance and relationships. A popular and highly entertaining workshop leader, trainer and conference speaker, she is the author of three books on image and has written for newspapers and magazines on a worldwide level.

Myriam Hoffmann is a First Impressions Corporate Associate and a Master Member of the Federation of Image Professionals International.

Sara Marsden Shreeve

Sara has always had an interest in fashion and style, from her youth. She also has always enjoyed learning and her interest in psychology particularly, took hold of her at college, which she then furthered at University. She graduated with a BA Hons in Applied Social Science (Psychology & Sociology). From here, her working life settled within the Civil Engineering sector, specifically amongst Corporate Insurance which she loved and allowed her to deal with all tiers of the work force and external legal professionals.

After leaving work and having her family she had her ‘epiphany’ and decided to marry all of her skills and knowledge together and train to be an Image Consultant. After thorough research to find her ‘skills provider’ she now knows she chose wisely.

  • Trained with First Impressions Ltd in 20I3.
  • Qualified in March 2014 with both an Accredited City & Guilds in Colour Analysis and Women’s Style.
  • Was accepted as an affiliate member in FIPI (Federation of Image Professionals International)
  • Certified in 2016 to AIP (Assoc. Integral Psychology) standards in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a coach/practitioner.

Sara is a firm believer that learning is forever and so she continues to add new skills, meet new people and gain more knowledge so that she can improve her services.

Sara currently looks after the logistical side of Première Impression UK.

Freedom with Support

In addition to the quality of your training, it’s what happens before and after your course that makes the difference to your future success. 

With Première Impression UK, you get much more than the training course itself. From the time you enrol, we’ll help you plan and prepare effectively and, once you finish your training, we’re there to support you as you develop your skills and establish your business. 

With Première Impression UK, you join a vibrant, supportive network of like-minded consultants. You can choose to get involved in the network, attending events or contributing to projects, or you can ‘do your own thing’ – there is no pressure.

Our dynamic network of consultants also provides an invaluable resource.

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